Hope wilson dating emmit smith

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Hope wilson dating emmit smith

Friedman has demanded a jury trial to determine whether the two were married.Friedman tried a similar gambit in 1996 against pro basketball player Tony Dumas. (In that one, Friedman had his client file a criminal complaint as well.In a public hearing, she admitted she started referring to herself as “Mrs.Smith” only after lawyer Larry Friedman [see “Odor at the Courthouse.” September 1997] had signed her to a contingency contract that gives him a percentage of any award.The former NFL player recently discussed his experience with the courts during an ‘Oprah’s Life Class’ taping in Dallas, Texas.

In early March of this year, Wilson filed her lawsuit seeking matrimonial status.They have three children together: sons Emmitt James IV (born May 15, 2002) and Elijah Alexander James (born September 22, 2010), and daughter Skylar Smith (born October 15, 2003).Emmitt and his kids had the distinct opportunity of hanging out with Meagan Good on the set of Oprah’s ‘Life Class,’ which kicked off the festival on Thursday (August 29). Jennifer Hudson was one of several performers to sing and answer questions at the festival, while Michelle Williams engaged in a bit of basketball with players from the Dallas ‘Mavericks.’ Bishop T. Jakes hosted the event at his church, The Potter’s House, and was delighted to see the product of his vision. And when we do, in spite of how difficult, we should take the time to celebrate the momentous occasion, and to enjoy the festival and fellowship.” Emmitt and his wife, former Miss Virginia USA beauty queen Patricia Southall, are parents to son Emmitt IV and daughter Skylar. The 2013 Mega Fest hit Dallas with a bang, having performers from across the nation and lots of activities for attendees of all ages to enjoy. It’s a commitment to the American spirit, that no matter what we go through, no matter how tough, no matter how dark the night, somehow we always land on our feet.“I have always wanted to bring [Mega Fest] to Dallas for as long as I have been here, and for many, many reasons,” said Jakes during a press conference. Also pictured are Emmitt’s daughter Rheagen Smith by his ex-girlfriend Hope Wilson and his bonus daughter Jasmin Page Lawrence, Patricia’s daughter from her previous marriage to comedian Martin Lawrence.

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I think oftentimes, you feel like the system is not for [fathers]. Because once we get into a courtroom, oftentimes we feel like we have the responsibility and the capabilities of taking care of a young woman.” Emmitt went on to talk about his efforts to establish a working relationship with his daughter after being granted co-parenting rights by the courts, telling Bishop Jakes that it was a challenge at first.